Monday, June 4, 2007

Nuke The Nuke - Run for the h... huh... nowhere to run to!

This morning the NY Post headline reads:
The article goes on to say:

"Al Qaeda's so-called nuclear whiz kid - a "tantalizing terror figure" with a $5 million bounty on his head - was the radical big shot investigators had hoped to snag in their 18-month JFK-plot probe. The name of "invisible hand" Adnan Gulshair el-Shukrijumah, reportedly was the man Osama bin Laden tapped to lead a previous scheme to detonate nuclear bombs simultaneously in several U.S. cities..."
OK... that's one thing, now read the subtext, read between the lines... What if? What if some suicide nuclear bomber, decides to get close enough to Indian Point, and detonates a backpack nuke... in effect producing the largest dirty bomb one could ever imagine... spreading a cloud of radioactive debris and dust to all four winds, killing millions upon millions of people in a matter of weeks! Not possible you say? Think again!
Now, Mr. Newman, what kind of "security" force in the world, could prevent such a thing? I ask you... Not even "Wackenhut"... usually semi-retired broken down soldiers of fortune, now in their later years guarding McPrisons and not-so-secret bases like Area 51, could spot anyone in time who would venture close enough to the old plant and let off a bomb, with what could easily be a quarter mile, maybe a mile radius range.
And Mr. Newman, you know this possible, for back in '76, you endorsed John Phillips in Westport who, taking a page from "The Curve of Binding Energy" by John McPhee, designed his own nuke at Princeton, in his failed bid for Senate in Connecticut! Remember? He's now living in Switzerland somewhere we hear... been quiet all these years... perhaps knows too much for comfort!
In the 1997 issue of OUI magazine, cover featured above for your ocular pleasure, David Rothmann interviewed Ted Taylor, described as the wiz kid of Los Alamos who tells how to construct a homemade atomic bomb, describes what would happen if it exploded in the World Trade Center and makes 50-year projections that will scare your pants off.
Well, if anyone could read how to do this in a 1970's girlie magazine, in fact the OUI issue right after the one where Arnold Schwarzenegger professed his many sexcapades, imagine anyone getting their hands on some of that missing "plutonium" everyone says has gone awol from the old Soviet Union? Are you comfortable with the thought, someone could blow up Indian Point, and nothing any security force can do about it?

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